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CNG Components

EDCNG Fitment Center is a government approved CNG Fitment Center in Delhi. We cater for CNG Kit Delhi, CNG Kit Noida, CNG Kit Ghaziabad. WE Deals in:-

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CNG filling valves :
The original CNG filling valves are available in our workshop. These valves are used at the knob of the CNG cylinders while filling the gas into it. These valves are of good quality and range and also certified by the CCOE to ensure its safety and durability.
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CNG cylinder :
We use the company recommended CNG cylinders during the installation of CNG kits in the vehicles. These cylinders are made by steel alloys. The capacity of the cylinders do vary as there is wide range in the availability of the different sized cylinders. Testing is done before the installation of the cylinders.
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CNG kit Reducer :
A pressure reducer is the most basic thing that is to be used in the CNG kits. It is very important and compulsory to have a reducer in the kit. It regulates the pressure to the engine for the mobility of the vehicle. It is an electronic device and it has double regulation system that gives a better performance.
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Cylinder Valves :
It is placed on the knob point of the cylinder and it is used control the flow of CNG through the pipes to the machine. It works as an regulator between the CNG cylinder and CNG combustion system.
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CNG air gas mixer:
This is a mechanical device used for introducing gaseous fuel to the induction air of the engine. Its main work is to mix the air and fuel in the correct proportion.
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Lamba control system :
This device is the combination of electronic commutator, a stepper motor and a flow actuator. It is used in catalytic vehicles. It works automatically and adopts the different working conditions. It provides an optimum performance of the vehicle.
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Timing advance processor :
This device is made for controlling electronic mechanism. By this device the flow of fluid is managed in the kit, it can also increase the engine power as well as decrease by the restricting in inlet pipes.
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Emulator :
It is a parting device, used to cut the flow of liquid fluid at the time when the CNG mode is active. There are so many different kinds of emulators in the market but the selection of the emulator is done according to the vehicle injection type system.
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Pressure Gauge :
A pressure gauge is a device that gives information about pressure in the cylinder of the CNG kit. It also checks about the availability of gas in the cylinder.
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High Pressure Pipes :
The supply of CNG gas from the cylinder to the reducer is done by these high pressure pipes. We use company recommended high pressure pipes while installing CNG kits.
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