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CNG is Economic and Environment Friendly

edcng advantage iconAdvantages of using CNG :
CNG stands for Compressed Natural Gas, it is a odorless gaseous mixture of hydrocarbons-predominantly methane (CH4). It is a clean burning alternative fuel that has been used to power natural gas vehicles or dual fuel vehicles. It takes less expenditure on CNG or LPG vehicles than other fuel vehicles. It keeps environment clean and pollutes less.
edcng green iconGreen Fuel :
The sulphur and lead free fuel is called green fuel. CNG is environment friendly and do not have sulphur and lead in its content. Its non corrosive spark plugs increases its efficiency and machinery life. Due to its these features the pollution level is minimizing itself.
edcng oil iconIncreased Life Of Oil :
Rapid use of vehicles with petrol and diesel, the intensity of consumption of oil was so fast. Even it was predicted that if it will be continued that the day is not so far away that there is no oil on the planet for our future. But now the effective use of CNG has taken the place of the petrol and hence the life of the oil is also increased. Now we can preserve it for our future.
edcng vs iconMixes Evenly In Air :
CNG is a gas fuel, hence it easily mixes with the environment. As there is no poisoning element present in this gas, so it do not disturbs even on mixing with environment.
edcng safety iconSafety :
CNG is safe in all ways. It is pollution free gas fuel which is very cheap and efficient. It has very high auto-ignition temperature and very less range is there that proves it as an inflammable fuel gas. 5% to 15% of the presence of CNG gas in air will not burnt or harm anyhow. It is only way by which we can preserve our liquid gold.
Have you ever calculated the difference in running cost of petrol with CNG ???
edcng table
Have you ever calculated the difference in running cost of petrol with CNG ???
edcng table
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