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Fake cng component

Jan 18,2015
Fake cng component
My first car was a carburetor based car in which i fitted Tomasettio Achille Argentina CNG kit . However i recently got a CNG kit fitted in the other car which is MPFI and i oped for Tomasetto Achille Italy kit with Lamda & Emulator & Advancer. The shocker is everywhere in Delhi people are being sold these Toamsetto Achille made in Italy Timing Advancer & Lamda systems when the parent company in Italy is not even into manufacturing this stuff and was confirmend by them when i called them up . So i traced the Tomasetto Italy indian office in Mumbai .My impression and outcome of talking to indian fellow is that they are doing a stickering job and selling the stuff illegaly using the goodwill of the brand. Now i have decided to import the stuff directly from Argentina . How the fake one looks can be seen in the attached pictures. So folks beware this practice is rampant across delhi where i cheked out. Yogesh Rohini


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