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Rich gas makes CNG users get their vehicles tuned

Sep 29,2013
Rich gas makes CNG users get their vehicles tuned
SURAT: More than 2 lakh CNG users in Surat, Ankleshwar and Bharuch will have to get their cars and autos tuned for air-fuel ratio as the quality of natural gas coming to the CNG filling stations is 'rich' in hydrocarbons. Official sources said Gujarat Gas Company Limited (GGCL) is receiving unprocessed natural of rich gas from its supplier due to a rupture in a gas pipeline in Narmada during the recent floods. It is the content of hydrocarbons that decides whether natural gas is rich or lean. If the hydrocarbon content is heavy, the gas is said to be rich and if the content is mainly methane, the gas is lean. The difference between them is because of their calorific value. Normally, CNG stations receive natural gas which is lean in nature after the heavy hydrocarbons have been removed by processing. The problem arising is that unless the CNG vehicles using this rich gas are not tuned to utilize the rich gas for firing their engines, there would be technical problems. Experts said GGCL is getting this rich gas as the pipeline carrying the gas across Narmada to a processing plant at Vadodara got ruptured. While, GGCL or its supplier is not confirming the time frame for correcting this problem, sources said that the pipeline rupture may take anywhere between six to eight months to be repaired and re-commissioned, especially if it crosses a river like Narmada. "The vehicles have to be tuned for air-fuel ratio through a regional transport office approved retrofitter. There will not be any significant impact on the engine, but the tuning is recommended if the utilization of rich gas is to continue for a longer period of time," a CNG retrofitter Rakesh Patel said.


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