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Convert Your Petrol Car in CNG and Save up to 70% of Your Running Cost.
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CNG Conversion Kits

EDCNG Fitment Center is a government approved CNG Fitment Center in Delhi. We cater for CNG Kit Delhi, CNG Kit Noida, CNG Kit Ghaziabad. WE Deals in:-
Expert in CNG Sequential Kit Fitment
EMER Sequential Kits :
This company provides a wide range of quality products. The complete has the experience of dealing in this field from a very long time. The installation of the CNG kits in vehicles and their maintenance is done with the availability of well skilled workers.
LOVATO Italy Sequential kits :
This CNG kit comes with the latest safety standards for the gas fuel system and keeps the emission with in the limits of the standard. This kit can be installed with all full injected CNG vehicles. This system is fully homologated with respect to all vehicles and CNG kits.
LENDYRENZO Italy sequential kit :
This is a multipurpose sequential injection system. It represents new generation bi-fuel CNG conversion system. The principle of CNG ECU to calculate applied injection timing on the CNG injector is totally based on the acquisition of a gasoline injection timing during CNG mode.
M SEQUENT Poland sequential kit :
This kit was firstly introduced in Poland, it represents the new generation of bi-fuel CNG conversation system. It is a multipurpose fuel injection system combined with model based software strategies which are utilized for transforming petrol injection into CNG injection. Various electronic equipment are arranged in this kit to make its installation in any vehicle easy.
TESMON Argentina sequential kit :
The kit is very accurate, tested by the expertise and experienced engineers. This kit provides a better experience for using CNG kits in various vehicles. We provide our consumers a complete kit for the installation.
LENDYRENZO Italy Conversion Kits :
This omega plus multipurpose sequential injection system is a new generation bi-fuel CNG conversion system. Its working principal is based on the acquisition of the gasoline injection timing.
LOVATO Italy Conversion Kits :
Its installation can be done on all kind of CNG supported vehicles. The kit comes with the latest safety standards for gas fuel systems. It works within the perimeters of the illustrated standards.
TOMASETTO ACHILLE Argentina conversion kit :
The Argentina base company is leading in designing and manufacturing of the components for LPG and CNG system. The company is serving for more than 30 years in the field by designing, producing and distributing the kits for automobiles. The company deals in LPG tanks, CNG pressure reducers, filling points and other accessories for LPG and CNG conversions.
BUGATTI Argentina conversion kit :
This CNG kit are installed according to the capacity of different engine efficiency. The company is the manufacturer of electronic as well as mechanical components required during the installation process of the kits. This kit is very fuel efficient and have no effect of pollution.
OMVL CNG Kits It can be installed on all full injected vehicles powered by CNG. The system is fully homologated in complaince with the latest safety standard for gas fuel system (67R01 and R110) and keep emissions well within the limits established by the strictest standards (EURO4).
MIJO India conversation kit :
These kits are very fuel efficient, economic and pollution less kits. The company produces mechanical and electronic both type of components used for installing the kit. The capacity of the engine decides the about kit installation.
BENZO TRIANA India conversion kits :
There are so many products offered by the company to the users as LPG/CNG fuel equipment. We are offering duel fuel options to the costumers as it will preserve more fuel. It is all introduced under the guidance of our experts. The dealers are spread like a network to provide the service of the kit to the users.
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