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CNG is Safe

edcng green iconUsing CNG Fuel Is Safe
Use of CNG as a regular fuel is very beneficial as well as safe. The CNG kits available in our workshop are taken from the authorized agencies which are under the state government. The assurance of complete safety is firstly given by the workers to the buyers. We do also make these kits fitted in the vehicles. The experts hands are there to work for fitting the kit in the machinery. The higher ignition temperature of the CNG makes it inflammable. The ignition temperature of liquid petrol and diesel is very less that makes it inflammable. In case of accidental cases of gas leakage there is very less chance of getting fire by CNG. It is lighter than air, CNG easily goes up in the atmosphere easily. There is no harmful gas evolved through CNG that can pollute or affect the environment as the petrol and diesel were. Most of the car users are now converting their vehicles from liquid fuel to gas fuel supportive by placing these gas kits. Government also reveled notice to manufacture CNG supportive private and commercial motor vehicles. Its safety can be predicted as it do not let the environment to get smoky and polluted by releasing toxic gases from the vehicles. Many diseases like asthama, heart attacks, lung diseases were obsessed by the pollution. But now the ratio of these diseases is getting low, as CNG do not let it happen.
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