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Why cng

“CNG as a fuel is much more echo-friendly than oil”
The CNG is nowadays using on the place of petrol and diesel. CNG stands for Compressed Natural Gas, it is made by compressing natural gas to less than 1 percent of the volume. CNG is a form of bio-gas and its combustion produces petty low harmful gases on contrast with petrol and diesel. It is lighter than air and disappears when evolved in atmosphere. In India the effective use of CNG can be seen in several cities and states like Delhi, Lucknow, Kanpur and many more. CNG is compatible only with the CNG supportive vehicles. In present days the manufacturing of all kind of vehicles is done with the provision of petrol/diesel as well as CNG supported mechanism.
edcng advantage iconAdvantages of using CNG :
There are so many advantages of using CNG in varies fields and areas. CNG is the Compressed Natural Gas, and it is compressed in order to reduce its volume. Using CNG is very safe and budgetary and virtually emission free for all users. It is very intact than using gasoline. Its high ignition temperature makes is less likely to blow up, also it is lighter than air so it depletes fast without developing nasty situations if it leaks accidentally. Its less polluting factor makes it more special as it keeps clean and pollution free. At last, it is the most economic fuel found on the planet.
edcng green icon Green fuel
Commonly referred to as the green fuel because of its lead and sulphur free character, CNG reduces harmful emissions. Being non-corrosive, it enhances the longevity of spark plugs. Due to the absence of any lead or benzene content in CNG, the lead fouling of spark plugs and lead or benzene pollution are eliminated.
edcng safety icon Safety :
Using CNG is safe for everyone and every time. It is safe from all sides as it do not pollutes, it has very high ignition temperature, do not blow up very fast, it is lighter than air, it moves up in case it is evolved accidentally and it is very cheap. All these factors make this fuel more safe and usable. The government also conformed its safety and also order to manufacture CNG compatible vehicles whether commercial or private. It do effect the human body and environment if mixed with air. Use of CNG will tends to lower the heart and lungs related disease.
edcng low iconLow operational cost
The operational cost of vehicles running on CNG, as compared to those running on other fuels, is significantly low. At the prevailing price of fuel in Delhi, operational cost of CNG vehicles is 68% lower than petrol and 36% lower than diesel.
edcng oil iconIncreased life of Oil :
By using the CNG on the place of other liquid fuels like petroleum and diesel, the rate of using CNG is increased whereas the rate of using liquid fuel is decreased. The fossil fuels are already available in very less amount on earth also it takes many years in production of them and frequent use of these fuels were making them diminishing faster that anything. But now the CNG is more preferred than oil in vehicles, that makes it happen that the life of the fossil fuels is now increased and it can be preserved for next many more generation.
edcng safety iconKeeps the vehicles safe :
Using CNG in motor vehicles do not just protects the environment, health and money but also it takes care of the vehicles too. Vehicles in which CNG is used to drive are fitted with an special CNG kit. This kit is fitted with extra cost and is kept in the boot area of the vehicle. This is the only major disadvantage of using CNG that you boot space will be finished. The CNG based vehicles need more attention towards their maintenance.
edcng vs iconComparison between Petrol, Diesel and CNG :
There are so many things that should be consider before answer about the question that which one of the fuel is good. This things could be different from one another or also they might be equal or same, so it will be a bit difficult to answer this question but we can conclude about the result. Petrol, Diesel and CNG all belongs to different kind of category. Petrol and Diesel are in liquid form whereas the CNG is in its gaseous state. They also contains different properties and characteristics. There is nothing common between these fuels except their use. The bases on which it can be predicted that which is better are as below.

Cost of the car : The cost of the diesel compatible cars are more expensive than any one and the petrol compatible cars are the lowest one mean while the CNG vehicles are 50000/- higher that petrol. This is the charge of the fitting of CNG kit.

Maintenance of the car :The maintenance of the diesel cars are more than CNG and Petrol cars. The average maintenance charges or petrol cars and CNG cars are approximately same.

Life of the car : As the maintenance of diesel cars are more the life of the cars are not that much good. They are good working for hardly 5 or 6 year without hiccups only if they are under good maintenance. In the mean while, the life of the petrol and CNG based cars are more.

Saving :It is the most important factor to be consider. The on road cost per km of the CNG vehicle is around Rs. 2-2.5, at the same time the on road cost pr km of the petrol vehicle is around RS.5-7.5. So we can see, the running cost of the CNG vehicle is just half of the petrol one and the diesel expenditure is much more higher than petrol.

Millage :The average of the car given on CNG is 17-19 km/hr, whereas the average of the car gives on petrol is 11-13 km/hr. The extra price of 50000 that was spend at the time of fixing the CNG kit in the car may be recovered within the next 2 years. Same for the diesel and petrol it will take a minimum of 2.5 years.

Environmental factor :We all are very well aware of the fact that petrol and diesel have all negative impacts on earth's environment whereas the CNG is petty better than all. It do not pollutes as well as do not harm in the form of various diseases.

Paper work and Miscellaneous :The petrol and diesel do not require any kind of formal registration. It is already mentioned on your RC about the mode of the fuel on that. But in case you are an CNG user, then it will take few months for you to get your original RC from the RTO office. As a proper registration is required when you switch to the CNG.

CNG kits are easily available in the market, some companies are also offering their own fitted kits. But it is our suggestion to take your car to our workshop, we have all good CNG kits available with their own parts. We do not charge any installation charges, we just want our buyers to have trust on us. The kits fitted in our workshop works well, needs no servicing as well as works for many years without any disappointment.
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